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Network Security

FortiGuard IPS Security Service



An intrusion prevention system (IPS) is a critical component of network security to protect against new and existing vulnerabilities on devices and servers. To stop sophisticated threats and provide a superior user experience, IPS technologies must inspect all traffic, including encrypted traffic, with a minimal performance impact.

FortiGuard AI/ML-powered IPS provides near-real-time intelligence with thousands of intrusion prevention rules to detect and block known and zero-day threats before they reach your devices. Natively integrated across the Security Fabric , IPS delivers the industry’s highest performance end-to-end protection.

FortiGuard IPS security service is available for NGFW (hardware, virtual machine, as-a-service) FortiClient, FortiProxy, FortiADC and our Cloud Sandbox. Add our OT and IoT services to get even more granular protection for operational technology and IoT devices.

FortiGuard IPS with NGFW offers the following:

  1. Network-based virtual patching for business applications that are hard to patch or can’t be patched. This ensures protection against vulnerabilities without interrupting operations.
  2. Accelerated FortiGuard IPS capabilities thanks to Fortinet’s purpose-built content processor (CP9) on the FortiGate, to deliver the industry’s best IPS price and performance.
  3. Extended IPS to additional capabilities like SSL inspection (including TLS 1.3) to detect hidden malware, ransomware, and other HTTPS-borne attacks.
  4. New in Dedicated IPS – end-to-end updates for dedicated IPS administration, designed for finance and other regulated deployments, enabling migration from separate hardware to NGFW while preserving operations and compliance practices. 

FortiGuard IPS: Protect Against Known and Zero-day Threats | Intrusion Prevention System

Fortinet’s FortiGate offers a comprehensive Security-Driven Networking platform that delivers top-rated NGFW security to the enterprise. FortiGate is purpose-built to achieve superior security efficacy and the industry’s best IPS performance. AI/ML-driven threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs ensures protection against known and zero-day threats.