about us

SAMtec Co. Ltd.
SAMtec  is a leading company focused on promoting Telecommunication and IT products,
systems and services to the local operators and other major customers in Yemen. The company
undertakes turnkey projects involving design, supply, installation and commissioning of
Telecommunication projects and services with cooperation of leading international suppliers.  

Area of focus:

  •    Planning and Optimizition soultion for GSM,CDMA,LTE,4G and 5G networks beside Microwave networks
  • Microwave Radio
  • Satellite Communication V-sat 
  • Test and Monitoring System for PDH/SDH/DWDM, Fiber optics, Access networks, IP  networks, Digital video, wireless GSM/CDMA/GPRS/UMTS /3  G/ LTE / WiMAx/ LTE, 4G and 5G
  • Synchronization systems
  • Fiber monitoring system / CDMA & GSM QoS System
  • Antennas / Diplexers / Feeders / Connectors
  • Fiber Modems / E1 Modems / Conveters
  • MPLS Routers / DSLAM
  • Wireless 4G , LTE routers
  • UPS power supply
  • Telecom Turnkey Solutions
  • Sebersecurty solutions for Telecom , IT and banking solution

Major Agencies & Brand Names
  • Viavi USA – test equipment for Fiber and RF BTS Radio site master system  
  • SIAE MICROELETTRONICA   –  Microwave Radio System   
  • iDirect –Satellite Hub station   
  • Symetricom USA  – Synchronization equipment   
  • RFS Radio Frquency System  – Antennas ,Feeder,Connector ,Accessories
  • Billion Taiwan  – $G, LTE routers   
  • Patton – USA  – Access products SHDSL, VOIP      
  • CTC Union - Fiber and Access Products
  • Forinet Sebersecurity solutions

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