Multi Service Tester

An integral component of JDSU's NetCompleteTM Service Assurance Solution, the QT-600 is a carrier-grade, scalable, multiservice IP Ethernet test head. Through proactive traffic monitoring, the QT-600 detects patterns of QoS degradation and, from a centralized location, quickly segments the network to identify the source of the problem. The detailed view of network and service performance that is the by-product of the QT-600's distributed data gathering and consolidated reporting capabilities instills service providers with confidence to guarantee service level performance.

Key Features

  • IP ping and aceroute testing for verification of network connectivity.

  • Automated RFC2544 conformance testing.

  • Data utilization trending, frame statistics reporting, and TopN monitoring for troubleshooting.

  • On-demand active synthetic VoIP calls and IPTV channel change to mimic end-user experience for fault sectionalization and troubleshooting.

  • Proactive performance monitoring for service quality evaluation using active calling capabilities.

  • Continuous monitoring of over 6000 VoIP streams proactively identifying service level degradations and keeping the service provider informed of actual customer experience.

  • QoS analysis and reporting including MOS/R-factor packet statistics, jitter, PCR jitter, and clock skew.

  • VoIP control plane capture and decode for SIP, MGCP, SCCP, and H.323 signaling.

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