HCA12-50JPL Product no: 699

1/2" HELIFLEX® Air-Dielectric Coaxial Cable
Product Description
HELIFLEX® 1/2" low loss air dielectric cable, Plenum-rated
Application: Plenum In-Building only

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Low Attenuation
The low attenuation of HELIFLEX® coaxial cable results in highly efficient
signal transfer in your RF system.
Complete Shielding
The solid outer conductor of HELIFLEX® coaxial cable creates a continuous RFI/EMI shield that
minimizes system interference.
Special low VSWR versions of HELIFLEX® coaxial cables contribute to low system noise.
Outstanding Intermodulation Performance
HELIFLEX® coaxial cable’s solid inner and outer conductors virtually eliminate intermods.
Intermodulation performance is also confirmed with state-of-the-art equipment at the RFS factory.
High Power Rating
Due to their low attenuation, outstanding heat transfer properties and temperature stabilized dielectric
materials, HELIFLEX® cable provides safe long term operating life at high transmit power levels.
Wide Range of Application
Typical areas of application are: feedlines for plenum-space installations within
                                                                                            occupied buildings or structures.