RCF78-50JA Product no: 694

Product Description
RADIAFLEX® functions as a distributed antenna to provide communications in tunnels, mines and large building complexes and is the solution for any application in confined areas. Slots in the copper outer conductor allow a controlled portion of the internal RF energy to be radiated into the surrounding environment. Conversely, a signal transmitted near the cable will couple into the slots and be carried along the cable length.
RADIAFLEX® is used for both one-way and two-way communication systems and because of its broadband capability, a single radiating cable can handle multiple communication systems simultaneously.
This RADIAFLEX® radiating cable utilize a low-loss cellular polyethylene foam dielectric and a corrugated copper outer conductor which offers a combination of remarkable flexibility, high strength and excellent electrical performance

• Broadband from 30 MHz to 2650 MHz
• Physical properties similar to the CELLFLEX® cable family of type LCF
• Robust cable
• Low bending radii
• Main applications: in-building, vehicles, mines