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8-ports, X-Pol, Panel Antenna, 2.0m, 2x 690-960/2x 1695-2690MHz, 65deg, Integrated RET

Product Description


  • 4 ports / 2 cross pol systems in low band (690-960MHz)
  • 4 ports / 2 cross pol systems in high band (1695-2690MHz)
  • Supports 4x4 MIMO in low band and high band
  • Integrated and field replaceable SRET
  • ACU HW Version -HRLS170901H1.00
  • Compliant with AISG V2.0 and 3GPP
  • Optimized radome for low windload.

•Cross polarization – triple band version with 6 ports (2x 790-960 MHz and 4x 1710-2170 MHz
•Design incorporates low windload and low weight – minimizes tower loading
•In-line dipole design and one phase shifter per rating element – improves radiating patterns
•Variable electrical downtilt – provides enhanced precision in controlling intercell
•Enhanced tilt range from 2 to 12 degrees – ideal for applications in dense areas
•High suppression of upper sidelobes – reduces cell interference
•Ultra broadband design for LTE800 compatibility – 4G system integration
•Quick and easy to install – reduces installation time and costs
•High reliability – designed to last in a tower top environment