APXV99LL20BI-U Product no: 665

Optimizer® Cellular Dual Polarized Dual Band Quad Antenna, 790-2700MHz, 65deg, 15.3-18dBi, 2.0m, VET, 0-10/0-12deg

Product Description
This antenna is an ideal choice for complicated sites with 2 CDMA-GSM and 2 DCS-UMTS-LTE
band systems. It utilizes two Dual Polarized side-by-side antennas in an integrated radome.

File name: Dual Polarized Dual Band Quad Antenna
Counter: 45
Size : 82.00KB

•Easy swap out of GSM or CDMA panel for dual band panel
•Variable electrical downtilt – provides enhanced precision in controlling intercell
interference. The tilt is infield adjustable 0-10 deg.
•High Suppression of all Upper Sidelobes
•Independent control of electrical downtilt for 800-900 and 1800/2600 MHz
•Optional remote tilt – can be retrofitted
•4x Ports 790-960 MHz
•4x Ports 1710-2700MHz

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