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CellAdvisor™ Cable and Antenna Analyzers

CellAdvisor™ Cable and Antenna Analyzers CellAdvisor™ Cable and Antenna Analyzers JD723C/JD724C/JD725A
The CellAdvisor Cable and Antenna Analyzers combine cable and antenna analysis DTF and VSWR measurements and fiber inspection with RF/optical power meters in a lightweight cloud-enabled instrument for use during cell site deployment and maintenance.

The majority of problems in wireless networks occur at the base station infrastructure composed of the antenna system, cables, and connectors. These problems are typically related to the cable feed line (coax or fiber), and until now you needed multiple instruments--one for RF and another for Fiber. The majority of fiber issues are associated with end contamination, and with increased deployment in cell sites you need to test both.  The JD723C/JD724C can inspect your RF coax cabling as well as your fiber. It is essential to have the optimal instrument for properly servicing or installing cell sites and the JD720C is that tool.
The JD720 family has all of the measurement functions necessary to accurately verify the cell-site transmission line and antenna system from signal reflections (VSWR or Return Loss) to RF or optical transmission power and DTF (Distance to Fault.)  It also enables the inspection of cell site fiber links via the P5000i microscope and measures optical power using the JDSU MP60/80 optical power sensors.
JD723C: 100 MHz to 2700 MHz
JD724C:  5 MHz to 4000 MHz
JD725A:  25 MHz to 4000 MHz (two RF-ports)

Title: CellAdvisor™ Cable and Antenna Analyzers Counter: 3 Size: 1.51MB

  • A portable light-weight instrument <2.2 kg (4.85 lbs)
  •   Trace overlay allows comparative analysis of up to 4 traces in a single measurement screen
  •     In addition to its 6 markers it also provides up to 3 Marker Bands
  •     7 inch TFT color display (viewable in daylight)
  •     Touch screen operation
  •    Dual Spectrogram View
  •     Unique Optical Power (except JD725A)
  •     External USB memory
  •     The only cloud-enabled cable and antenna analyzers (via StrataSync)

  • Reflection measurements are presented in VSWR, Return Loss, or Smith Charts
  •     DTF - Distance to Fault Measurement
  •     Cable Loss Measurement
  •     Certify your fiber connections are free of contamination - unique Fiber inspection with P5000i Fiber Microscope
  •     RF Power Meter with external power sensors
  •     Optical Power meter with external optical power sensors
  •     Insertion Gain/Loss Measurement (only JD725A)
  •     RF Source (only JD725A)
  • Unique cloud-based inventory and data management via optional StrataSync

  • Up to 2001 data points to locate long distance problems (JD725A: 1001 data points)
  •     Dual display: Split Screen to view multiple measurements
  •     P5000i Fiber Microscope for fiber inspection
  •    Optical power sensors for measuring optical power
  •     StrataSync to cloud enable your assets simultaneously to reduce test time (only JD723C, JD724C)
  •     Backlight keypad for easier use in dark environments (only JD723C, JD724C)
  •     Powerful Application software for data management (JD Viewer)
  •    Rechargeable and field replaceable Li-Ion battery with more than 4 hours operation time (JD725A: 3 hours)
  •     RF Power Protection of output