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SmartClass Fiber

SmartClass Fiber SmartClass Fiber
High performance field test tools that integrate fiber inspection, optical testing, PASS/FAIL analysis and fiber certification into a single handheld device.
 SmartClassTM Fiber is a product family of handheld test tools that integrate fiber inspection, optical testing and PASS/FAIL certification together in a single device. With SmartClass Fiber, technicians obtain ultimate flexibility and performance in a powerful, yet easy to use solution that can turn any technician into an instant fiber expert.
Title: SmartClass Fiber Counter: 0 Size: 1.75MB

  • Get the job done fast and correctly on the first time
  • This unique integration of fiber inspection and optical testing provides an efficient and easy-to-use solution that promotes best practices for handling fiber and testing system power and link loss to reduce costly mistakes that lead to service calls and unnecessary network downtime.
  •   Achieve PASS/FAIL analysis on a handheld device
  • Automatically certifies fiber end face condition and provides optical test measurements with simplicity that turns even new technicians into instant fiber experts.
  •  Easily generate certification reports
  • Prove that your quality of work meets industry standards and customer specifications.
  •  Use it anywhere
  • The hands-free carrier provides a portable and organized solution for easy use inside homes, at demarcation points, or while climbing up telephone poles and cell towers.

  •     OLS-85 Optical Light Source combines up to 4 wavelengths into a handheld instrument making it optimal for link loss testing in singlemode and multimode optical networks.
  •     OLP-82 Basic Optical Power Meter and OLP-85 High Performance Optical Power Meter are perfect to measure power and loss in general and high power applications in long-haul, metro, access and local area networks.
  •     OLT-85 Loss Test Set combines an optical power meter and a singlemode or a singlemode and multimode (Quad) optical light source into a single handheld instrument making it ideal for bi-directional loss testing in singlemode and multimode optical networks.
  •    ORL-85 Optical Return Loss Meter combines an optical power meter, a light source and a return loss meter into a single handheld instrument. It is optimal to perform quick and reliable testing of singlemode optical system return loss and ensure the signal quality especially in CATV & FTTx networks.
  •     OLP-87 PON Power Meter enables simultaneous power measurement of all upstream & downstream wavelengths on live B/E/G-PON networks  and is also compatible with next generation PON networks (XG-PON & 10G EPON).
  •     All above models are inspection-ready allowing connector end-face inspection and certification

  • Modern user interface with  3.5” color touch screen.
  •     Automated PASS/FAIL analysis for fiber inspection and optical tests.
  •     Integrated patchcord microscope version.
  •     On Board storage of up to 10.000  fiber inspection and test results.
  •    Integrated reporting capability  and off line certification software to create customized reports.