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SmartClass OLA-54/-55/-55M Attenuators

SmartClass OLA-54/-55/-55M  Attenuators    SmartClass OLA-54/-55/-55M Optical Level Attenuators
Compact and rugged handheld attenuators for field or lab use
The SmartClass OLA-54/-55/-55M Optical Level Attenuators are future-proof, improved variable attenuators for fiber system testing as well as installation, maintenance, and production of multimode fibers (OLA-54) and singlemode fibers(OLA-55/-55M). The OLA-55M Motorized Optical Level Attenuator provides in addition an implemented power meter for stabilized level controller applications.
The SmartClass OLA-54 and OLA-55 Optical Level Attenuators can be part of aSmartClass Optical Test Kits that contain all of the tools, including instruments and accessories, necessary to perform professional-grade power or loss tests in the field.
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  • Reduce testing time with a quick start operation, requiring no warm-up time
  •    Provide excellent overall accuracy in use with hundreds of calibrated wavelength
  •    Reduce the need for couplers and additional instruments in test setups.
  •     Minimize insertion loss due to a special optical design

  • Emulate fiber loss for testing system dynamics
  •   Simulate line loss for BER testing and amplifier testing (OLA-55/-55M)
  •     System installation and maintenance of multimode fiber (OLA-54) and singlemode fiber (OLA-55/-55M).
  •    Power level control for calibration test setups (OLA-55M)

  • Robust, shock-proof, and splash-proof design for field operation
  •     USB port for remote operation
  •    Absolute and relative attenuation setting
  •     Level controller function for direct setting of attenuator output level (OLA-55M)
  •     40 Gbps ready due to low Differential Group Delay
  •     Traceable measurements to NIST/PTB standards for confidence in accuracy
  •    600 adjustable wavelengths for the OLA-54 and 400 adjustable wavelengths for the OLA-55/55M
  •    Long battery operation time of >1000 h (OLA-54/-55)