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The 3000-series of combined microwave counters and power meters suits both field, lab bench and test rack environments. For field applications like installation, maintenance and calibration of microwave links, radar CW, microwave transmitters, DAB or DTV links, satellite ground stations or radio base stations, the models in the 3000-series gives you ultra-high accuracy in a portable compact, lightweight and rugged design.
The GPS-controlled frequency standards are especially suited for use in calibration departments, providing continuous traceability with no need for external calibration. The stability/24h is excellent;one part in a trillion. (Note! The GPS-88 & GPS-89 are available for sale in the Nordic countries only!)  Unlike other GPS-disciplined oscillators (GPSDO), the disciplining process is not hidden to
The Pendulum GPS-12R Portable Reference clock is an ultra-stable GPS-disciplined Rubidium reference, targeted for telecommunications application. Its high stability and low noise output, makes GPS-12R the ideal reference source for telecom instrumentation and testers, like SDH/PDH/Sonet Analyzers. Its Cesium standard performance, when locked to GPS, makes GPS-12R an ideal calibrator for metrology and test systems.
  • GPS-disciplined Rubidium clock for near-Cesium stability
  •  2.048 MHz, 1-pps standard outputs for telecom applications
  • Truly Portable for field-use
  • Internal battery option for transportation and mains-free field use
  • Optional -48 VDC option for stationary use in telephone exchange stations
We have developed two high-performance frequency counter models for every need and budget. Choose from the basic 300 MHz frequency counter CNT-85 or the ultimate portable frequency calibrator CNT-85R with built-in Rubidium time base. Both counters can be equipped with optional HF-inputs to 2.7 GHz and a GPIB-interface, for use in automatic test systems, or in PC-controlled instrument clusters on the lab bench or workshop bench. A new option - the 8 GHz Prescaler input - extends the frequency measuring range
Pendulum offers a choice of two high-performance timer/counter models; the ultra-fast/ultra-resolution CNT-81 and the CNT-81R with built-in Rubidium timebase. The counters are equipped with GPIB-interface as standard, for use in automatic test systems, or in PC-controlled instrument clusters on the lab bench or workshop bench. The standard frequency range of 225/300 MHz can be extended to 2.7 GHz. With the new 8 GHz prescaler input option, the frequency measuring range is extended into 8 GHz. Optional timebase oscillators extend the timebase stability to 0.02 ppm/year. The CNT-81R has a built-in atomic clock standard (Rubidium).
With the new CNT-90 timer/counter/analyzer, Pendulum Instruments now offers The Ultimate Tool for measurement, analysis and calibration of Frequency, Time Interval or Phase. Whether in test systems, on the R&D bench, in the calibration lab or out in the field, the CNT-90 is the state-of-the-art timer/counter/analyzer and outperforms any existing counter on the market. The CNT-90 is the worlds fastest timer/counter/analyzer and offers a unique ease-of-use with graphical display and improved control over measurement at an outstanding price.
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