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FAM Series

Flexible Access Multiplexers

The FAM Series is the primary Multiplexer product family to complement and complete SIAE’s TDM equipment catalogue, and provides the widest variety of tributary interfaces aggregated onto E1 PDH traffic. With a modular design, highly flexible configurations and complete provisioning and services management, it is extremely user friendly.
  • Both, protected and unprotected configurations, (protection MSP, Ring, Equipment, Power)
  • Up to 64xE1/64xT1 interfaces interfaces
  • Full no-blocking Cross-Connection Matrix
  • Full SW Programmability

FAM Series

SIAE’s primary Multiplexer equipment, complements the our TDM equipment (i.e. ALS Series) in order to provide a very wide variety of tributary interfaces and to carry multiple services aggregated on E1 PDH traffic.
The FAM Series units are built in a modular design, with two different dimensions, 2.5RU and 5RU, and can be configured with an extremely high flexibility. With a complete SW configuration capability and  a full integration with the Network Management System (NMS5-UX/LX), this makes the network provisioning and services management complete and user friendly.
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  • Both, protected and unprotected configuration.
  • Protection Schemes: MSP, Ring, Equipment, Power
  • Up to 64xE1/64xT1 interfaces
 Available interfaces:
64Kb/s G.703
  • Full no-blocking Cross-Connection Matrix
  • Full SW Programmability