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ALS Series

4-42 GHz IP / SDH / PDH

ALS Series is the ideal microwave system for network migration providing high capacity connectivity with both Full IP and Native TDM transmission. Being fully programmable, it meets any transmission needs, starting from legacy PDH and SDH traffic and evolving towards full Gigabit Ethernet and PWE3 with single Hardware. With the ALS Series, flexibility, high capacity (XPIC/2+0) and high reliability (1+0, protected 1+1HSB/SD/FD) are delivered in a single 1RU Indoor Unit.
  • 1024 QAM Adaptive Modulation and coding
  • Full implementation of MEF certified Ethernet services
  • Embedded sub 50msec Ethernet and TDM protection

  • FREQUENCY BANDS: 4 GHz → 42 GHz. ETSI standards
  • MODULATION SCHEMES: from 4QAM up to 1024 QAM ODU solutions.
  • TECHNOLOGIES: Base-Band high circuit integration MCICS
  • TDM CAPACITY RANGE: upto 4xSTM-1 and  upto 160xE1
  • ADVANCED DSP : Channel Digital Pre distortion , Equalizer and Packet Header Compression
  • TRIBUTARY INTERFACES: NxE1, NxSTM-1, PWE3, FE/GE electrical/optical
  • SYCNRONISATION OPTIONS: E1, STM-1, SyncE, PWE3 recovery clocks (adaptive,differential), 1588v2 Support
  • ARCHITECTURES: Dual Native TDM and multi gigabit Ethernet in Modular and Single Board Compact form factor.
  • OUTDOOR ARRANGENTS: External or integrated low profile, high performance antenna systems
  • NODAL CAPABILITY: Up to 16 independent directions for a unique “pay as you grow” nodal approach.
  • MANAGEMENT OPTIONS: Linux or Unix based NMS, HTML based local access (no flash needed)

ALS Series provides Native IP and NativePDH and SDH connections; it is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications in access and backbone networks, covering any market segment ranging from cost-sensitive applications to advanced network implementations in which high capacities, complex protection schemes and excellent reliability are mandatory.

    • 2G / 3G / LTE Cellular Network
    • 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet connections SDFsd
    • Utility Networks (Railways, Pipelines, Utility Radios etc.)
    • Back-up transmission medium to Fibre Optic links
    • Spur Links for Backbones/Rings
    • Last Mile Fibre Extension
    • Leased Line Replacement
    • Private Data Networks (WANs, LANs,
    • SDH Radio Ring Deployment up to 4xSTM-1
    • Infrastructure > High Capacity Broadband Access Networks