PLANET WSG-404 Product no: 205

 54Mbps Hot Spot Wireless Subscriber Gateway with Billing System... Inheriting the convenience of Plug-n-Play Internet access, the PLANET WSG-404 Wireless Subscriber Gateway is the ideal solution for establishing Hot Spot Internet service applications. Built-in billing mechanism and receipt printing capabilities make the PLANET WSG-404 suitable for providing Internet access of businesses and public areas applications, such as hotel, cyber cafe, train stations, school libraries and airports.

The PLANET WSG-404 comprises 802.11g, wireless access point, interface, a 4-port auto-sensing, auto-MDI/MDI-X 10/100Mbps switch, and a standard 10/100Base-TX WAN port providing superior Internet access for wired and wireless subscribers. Internet subscriber gateway WSG-404 combines all the functionalities in a single and tiny box. The product can work independently, and computer expertise is not required. This attracts customers to deploy their Hot Spot business faster and easier than ever. With backend-RADIUS-Server, Hotspot operator can integrate WSG-404 with any kind of RADIUS Server which is standard based. In addition, WSG-ACG4 is a compact thermal printer for allowing machine operators, clerks and cashiers to print out billing information in a minute.

Wireless Internet Access on Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Airport, etc.
With PLANET WSG-404, you can now provide wireless Internet access for mobile users via simple steps. Customer can now use their notebook with wireless card to get seamless Internet Access without any IP configuration. You can also utilize WSG-404 built-in billing mechanism to provide accounting and billing function simply with a WSG-404.

Wired/Wireless Internet Access from Hotel, MTU, etc.
Travelers in airports, train station, campus and hotel need Internet connection for Web browsing and E-mail connection to company network via VPN. With WSG-404, you can now provide them hassle free, plug-and-play Internet access.

Key Features:
Ideal Hot Spot solution
Via the integrated 802.11g wireless interface, mobile users can establish high speed Internet access without any configuration.

Zero configuration (Plug-n-Play) Internet access
WSG-404 translates proper IP address information for Internet access and all IP configurations, either DHCP Private IP or Static IP information will be turned into Internet-ready configurations. Subscribers will not feel the difference and no need to face to the inconvenience of IP reconfigurations.

Built-in proprietary AAA mechanism and billing system
PLANET WSG-404 integrates Web-based Authentication (including subscriber SSL logon page), selective Web-based Accounting and proprietary billing mechanism, which can help you to prepare a billing mechanism in a very short time and bring the most convenience and least efforts for billing applications.

RADIUS AAA support
WSG-404 provides standard based Radius Client to communicate with any standard based Radius server, in order to support AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting).

Exclusive Printer Accounting(Optional)
Machine operators may customize the printout information for different billing application.

Security and Firewall
With built-in 64/128-bit RC4 WEP Encryption, VLAN Security for Wireless, subscriber SSL Login Page / Admin Page and VPN (IPSec/PPTP) Pass through various security features, PLANET WSG-404 brings you an ease-of-use and most comfortable and safe Internet access environments.

Ease-of-Use and Management
The built-in web management interface in WSG-404 brings the most convenient to system administrators or machine operators while configuring machines or setting up subscribers privilege in movements. With time increase, clerks or machine operators may printout, billing and other user information with time increase which are conveniently printed on the button-operated printer included with the PLANET WSG-404. Time increase may be compiled simply by pressing the printer button multiple times. No computers or complex back-end subscriber managed systems are required for deployment.

Virtual Server & DMZ Capability
The standard and user-defined Virtual server give the WSG-404 having the most flexibility to share local resources like Email, FTP or HTTP servers to the Internet in a more secure way. The DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) capability helps LAN users to act like an independent Internet node that communicates to the Internet in both directions while maintaining security for LAN users.
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