SAMTEC Won atender with yemen mobile to supply 20km7\8 feeder cable from RFS germany



Optimizer® Dual Polarized Antenna, 1710-2200, 65deg, 17.5-18.1dBi, 1.3m, VET, 0-10deg

Product Description

This antenna is an excellent choice for 3G, PCS, GSM1800 and Mobile TV networks where high gain is required.
Title: Dual Polarized Antenna, APXV18-206516H-C Counter: 39 Size: 137.00KB

•Variable electrical downtilt – provides enhanced precision in controlling intercell
interference. The tilt is infield adjustable 0-10 deg.
•High Suppression of all Upper Sidelobes (Typically <-20dB)
•Optional remote tilt – can be retrofitted
•Broadband design
•Dual polarization
•Low profile for low visual impact
•Quick and easy to adjust
•High front-to-back ratio