SAMTEC Won atender with yemen mobile to supply 20km7\8 feeder cable from RFS germany

iNFINITI® & Evolution® Line Cards

iNFINITI® & Evolution® Line Cards The iNFINITI® and Evolution® line cards are hot swappable and can be configured in a standby mode to spare other line cards in the chassis. The modular design and inherent flexibility of the universal satellite hub let the network operator purchase and operate each line card and network one at a time, allowing for a very scalable, cost saving approach.
The Evolution® XLC-11 line card operates in either iNFINITI® TDM or DVB-S2/ACM on the outbound and supports the latest Spread Spectrum technology making it ideally suited for high-speed, high-performance business and mobile applications.
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  • One modulator / one demodulator
  • Evolution® DVB-S2 or iNFINITI® TDM on the outbound
  • Extremely efficient inbound FEC with 2D 16-State coding
  • Supports latest Spread spectrum technology
  • Fits into any Universal Series 15000 or 12000 Hub chassis