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AGS10 is a new SIAE MICROELETTRONICA development, designed for providing the maximum flexibility in evolution of networks architecture, making possible a fully exchange between legacy TDM and packet traffic (IP/Ethernet, MPLS...).

AGS10 supports following:

  • ML-PPP features
  • PWE3 features

ML-PPP features (IP over TDM mapping)

IP traffic incoming from tributaries can be transported through a pure TDM Network as a traditional TDM traffic.
AGS10 is fully interoperable with network equipment from major suppliers.



PWE3 features (TDM over Ethernet mapping)

TDM traffic (E1 or STM-1) incoming from tributaries or from a “TDM only” radio link can be transported through a packet network.



Available interfaces:

  • 32xE1 G.703 G .704 on SCSI connectors (75Ohm or 120Ohm)
  • 2xSTM-1 (2+0/1+1 MSP)
  • Up to 4x10/100/1000baseT (electrical) traffic Ethernet ports available on RJ45 connectors
  • 2x100/1000baseX (optical) traffic Ethernet ports available as plug-ins (SFP)
  • 2x10baseT Management Ethernet ports available on RJ45 connectors
  • 2xE1 G.703 or 2 MHz synchronization sources or outputs available on RJ-45 connectors

In addition to his fuction as a unit capable to extend an IP/OSI network trough a TDM legacy network, the IP Box can be used also as a bridge between unit belongs to the same sub-network or as a Routers between two sub-network. Available in a small metallic box or in a one RU 19” sub-rack where up to three units can be used.



Main characteristic

  • Up to Nx64 Kbps Router Capacity (N=1...6)
  •  Up to Nx64 Kbps Bridge Capacity (N=1...31)
  • WAN and LAN intefaces

The FAM series is SIAE MICROELETTRONICA’s new primary multiplexer equipment. Available in two different versions, 2,5 or 5 rack units high, it allows local services to be sent on transmission network. Thanks to its high modularity the FAM series provides a wide variety of interfaces that make it suitable for any network design.


Main characteristic

  • * Primary and Second order Flexible Access Multiplexers with terminal/drop-insert/cross-connect functionality
  • * Flexible user interfaces for voice /ISDN/data transmission/Ethernet
  • * Rack and wall mounting applications
  • * Full no-blocking DSO Cross-Connect
  • * Fully protected

ADM-1 Series belongs to the latest generation of SIAE SDH Add-Drop Multiplexers. Its state-of-art technology and modular design provide a compact and flexible solution to Multi-Service provisioning Platforms for Metropolitan-Ring and Access Network. ADM-1 Series can be equipped with a wide variety of customer interfaces and is available in three different versions - 1, 2, and 4 rack units - for 2xSTM-1 Add-Drop Multiplexer functionality in unprotected and protected configuration.


Main characteristics

  • •Fully protected STM-1/4 Add Drop Multiplexer
  • •MSP, SNCP, Equipment protections
  • •Optical and Electrical aggregate interfaces
  • •PDH, SDH, and LAN tributary interfaces
  • •Full no-blocking VC Cross-Connect



ADM-4/16 – SDH Add-Drop Multiplexer Series

ADM-4/16  can be configured as either a Terminal Multiplexer (TM), a Linear Add/Drop Multiplexer (ADM), or as a cross-connect (DACS) with the same enclosure.  With UPSR/SNCP, and MSP (1+1) protection,  ADM-4/16  can easily provide a well-protected transmission path and integrated access in various applications


Main characteristics

  •  Up to 4 STM-1/4/16 aggregate cross connect modules
  •  Up to 80xSTM1 cross connect capacity
  •  Up to 16 STM-1 intefaces on tributaries
  •  Controller-Cross-connect Unit (XCU) protection, MSP (1+1) , SNCP/UPSR
  •  Tributary protection

TL “Trunk Link” is SIAE solution for long haul and high capacity microwave SDH networks. TL series supports the whole range of frequency bands from 4 GHz up to 13GHz according ITU-R channel plans. The TL series is based on a full indoor structure providing scalable data rates from 1 to 14 STM-1 in a single ETSI rack.


Main characteristics:

  • XPIC feature for Co-channel operation
  • STM-1 electrical or optical interface
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC)
  • Adaptive demodulator with fully digital linear transversal equalizer (TVE) and decision feedback equalizer (DFE)
  • N+1 protection scheme for alternated operation and 2x(N+1) for Co-channel operation
  • Up to sixteen (16) SDH radio channels in a single ETSI rack
  • Embedded HTTP server for web browser connection

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