ALFOplus80 Series

ALFOplus80 Series

ALFOplus80 series

70/80 GHz  2.5Gbps E-Band Full Outdoor

ALFOplus80 is the Carrier Grade, MultiGigabit, Full Outdoor E-Band radio designed as the ultra cost-effective alternative to fibre deployment.
2.5Gbps net throughput is available to transport native IP traffic or legacy STM-1 and E1 interfaces.
  • Up to 64QAM, 250/500/1000 MHz channel plan
  • Fibre-like behaviour with 5 microsecond latency (ideal for CPRI transport)
  • Adaptive Code, Adaptive Modulation and Adaptive Bandwidth Rate to maximise system gain
Title: ALFOplus80 Series Counter: 24 Size: 2.00MB

  • 71-76/81-86GHz frequency arrangement (according to EN 302.217-2/3)
  • Up to 2.5Gbps radio net throughput
  • 50MHz, 500MHz, 750MHz and 1.000MHz channel bandwidth support.
  • Up to 64QAM Adaptive Code and Modulation + Adaptive Bandwidth Rate, both Jitter and Error-free
  • 2xGE ports, both 10/100/1000baseT and 1000baseX available.
  • “Fibre like” behaviour with 5microsec latency (ideal for CPRI transport)
  • Packet Header Compressor, supporting Multi-protocol and Enhanced Tunneling protocol stacks
  • Complete Synchronism Package (SyncE + 1588v2) management.
  • Complete QoS package (Ethernet, IPv4/v6, MPLS “Exp” bits) and fully featured VLAN management
  • Optional “Indoor Unit” (AGS-H) to provide MultiGigabit and additional 2xSTM-1 + 16xE1 transparent transport
  • “Zero-footprint” design with optimised heat dissipation for extremely reduced power consumption
  • POE power supply available on all electrical ports. External power supply also available
  • Linux or Unix based NMS, HTML based local access (no Flash needed)

ALFOplus80 is ideal for high capacity and reactive Network deployment, being “fibre like” in terms of performance and capacity, and having the installation agility and deployment cost saving, it becomes the best choice for Next Generation 4G/LTE architecture, and also for dedicated “high value” and strategic connections, like:

  • Alternative or complementary to MultiGigabit high capacity fibre deployment.
  • Fibre backup and disaster recovery.
  • CPRI transport for Small Cells distributed deployment.
  • Mobile and 4G/LTE Networks backhaul.
  • Micro and Macro Cellular Network infrastructure.
  • High Capacity MultiGigabit Leased Lines.
  • Carrier Grade connection to service providers (ISP).
  • Municipal and Private Network backbones.
  • Gigabit LAN/WAN backbone connection.
  • Intra-Enterprise reliable and resilient connections.
High capacity TDM transport (PDH+SDH) in E-band (with AGS-H