SAMTEC Won atender with yemen mobile to supply 20km7\8 feeder cable from RFS germany

GPS-12R GPS-Controlled Frequency Standards

The Pendulum GPS-12R Portable Reference clock is an ultra-stable GPS-disciplined Rubidium reference, targeted for telecommunications application. Its high stability and low noise output, makes GPS-12R the ideal reference source for telecom instrumentation and testers, like SDH/PDH/Sonet Analyzers. Its Cesium standard performance, when locked to GPS, makes GPS-12R an ideal calibrator for metrology and test systems.
  • GPS-disciplined Rubidium clock for near-Cesium stability
  •  2.048 MHz, 1-pps standard outputs for telecom applications
  • Truly Portable for field-use
  • Internal battery option for transportation and mains-free field use
  • Optional -48 VDC option for stationary use in telephone exchange stations
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